If you live in the Emergency Planning Zone, you likely received a calendar from Vermont Emergency Management, 230 Main Street, Suite 306, Brattleboro Vermont. Just before the January page, you will see a card to notify VEM if you have any Special Needs as to how they can help you leave the area in an emergency. Fill out this card, checking the boxes that apply to you. This card is pre-addressed and postage paid. Please return the card promptly. A member of your local Emergency Management Agency will likely contact you to get more information. You can also sign up to receive an emergency/weather radio to notify you of any alerts.
VEM Brattleboro ~~ Voice: 802-251-2172 ~~ TTY: 1-888-545-7598 ~~ VEM State Office, Waterbury VT

Town of Brattleboro Website, Brattleboro Emergency Notification System (BENS)

The Vermont State Radiological Emergency Response Plan, This version of the plan was updated in February, 2011

Reception Center Plan at Bellows Falls Union High School
Prepared by Vermont Yankee with the assistance of Town of Westminster, VT (Word-doc-file), or (Adobe-pdf-file), 46 pages, in 2003.

The Windham Regional Commission has a separate webpage for our Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
Windham County, LEPC6, Local Emergency Planning Committee
A map of Windham County is presented, put mouse on your town, click to download > Rapid Response Plan checklist & contact person(s).

The Emergency Preparedness Initiative (EPI) Guide
by National Organization on Disability
written for Emergency Managers, Planners & Responders.
Information, Disaster Readiness Tips for People with Disabilities (here), also helpful links for specific disabilities, (here)
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Brattleboro hands out free alert radios
June 27, 2011, By Josh Stilts, Brattleboro Reformer Staff
BRATTLEBORO -- For several months, members of the Brattleboro Fire Department have gone door-to-door handing out free weather alert radios and access to an emergency notification system. The Midland National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration radios were donated by Vermont Yankee to all the fire departments within the nuclear plant's evacuation zone, said Brattleboro Fire Department Capt. Ron Hubbard.

State's nuclear response plan flawed
By Kathryn Casa | Vermont Guardian, Posted May 17, 2007, (here)
This article was first posted on December 22, 2004, along with a companion piece that outlined much of the internal debate in state government about the lack of ability to respond to an emergency at Vermont Yankee. More than two years later, and the state recently cut funding to the program for the region.

BRATTLEBORO -- Vermont's radiological emergency planning has for years been in such disarray that state officials would be unable to monitor radiation fallout resulting from an emergency at Vermont Yankee. Nor could the decontamination center in Bellows Falls adequately protect thousands of southern Vermont residents evacuated there, according to internal state memos and copies of e-mails obtained by the Vermont Guardian.
The 32-year-old reactor "poses the single greatest 'event' threat to Vermont," according to a May 2004 e-mail from Larry Crist, director of the Health Department's Health Protection Division, to Albie Lewis, head of Vermont Emergency Management -- a threat that is heightened by a proposed power increase at the plant, he wrote.
"To be inadequately prepared because we did not have sufficient resources is going to be considered a crime should an event actually occur," Crist wrote. ..... (more)

The "Protective Action Strategy" presented in 22 PowerPoint files are converted into separate GIF graphic files below.